Friday, July 8, 2011

Oklahoma Anthropological Society

For a start, meet the Oklahoma Anthropological Society!  We focus mainly on archaeology, but with a strong belief that each of the four fields of anthropology - archaeology, biological anth, linguistics, and socio-cultural anth - enriches all of the others.  The OAS has two state-wide meetings per year and two annual excavations, one in the late spring and one in mid-fall.  The most recent excavations have taken place at Rose Hill, a Choctaw plantation near Hugo.  The OAS has a number of chapters around the state, in Norman, Oklahoma City, Fort Smith, Ada, Tahlequah, Ponca City, Krebs, Lawton, and Tulsa,  which hold monthly meetings.  Come check out the chapter nearest you!

Lee Creek Ceremonial Mound, in eastern Oklahoma, maintained by OAS members.

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