Tuesday, September 22, 2015

October Events!

October is Oklahoma Archaeology Month!  

There are SO MANY wonderful events coming up.  I have highlighted a few below, but for the full list visit facebook.com/archaeologymonth.

Tuesday, October 6th - Sam Noble Museum, Norman:

Don't forget the next Cleveland County chapter meeting of the Oklahoma Anthropological Society! Dr. Elizabeth Horton will be presenting on Motifs and Iconography in the Sacred and Ceremonial Textiles and Basketry of Southeastern Societies, as part the fall speaker series History and Heritage: Indigenous Traditions of Oklahoma and the Southeast.  The series will complement an exhibit at the Sam Noble Museum titled Collision & Creation: Indigenous Arts of the Americas, 1890-2015.

Saturday, October 3rd - Pryor - Ask an Archaeologist Workshop

Have you ever wondered about the unusual rock you found in your backyard?  What about an arrowhead you discovered on a hike?  Now is your chance to ask an archeologist and find an answer!

On Saturday, October 3, Dr. Robert Brooks, State Archeologist and Director of the Oklahoma Archeological Survey, will be in Pryor to evaluate items from prehistoric Oklahoma.  At 10 a.m., Brooks will present from “Mounds to Mammoths,” a look at Oklahoma’s prehistoric past.  Then, from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. he will answer questions about items that the public brings in for evaluation. Please note that monetary appraisals will not be given. 

The event will take place at 216 East Graham in Pryor. Both events are free and open to the public.

For additional information on the event, please contact David Pettyjohn at (405) 525-5325 or david@preservationok.org

Saturday, October 10th - Chickasaw Cultural Center in Sulphur - Paleo-Indian Symposium

Dr. Briggs Buchanan, University of Tulsa—Clovis to Folsom Transition
Dr. Brian Andrews, Rogers State University—Folsom in the western slope of the Rockies
Dr. Lee Bement, Oklahoma Archeological Survey—Folsom in the southern Plains

Each speaker will be discussing their work in the Paleo-Indian field.  The panel will begin at 1:00 PM and continue until 3:00 PM.  Questions from the audience will be fielded.  Panel will be at the Holisso Research Center. Admission is free. For more information, contact Dr. TImothy Baugh at timothy.baugh@chickasaw.net. 

Saturday, October 24th - Chickasaw Cultural Center in Sulphur - 18th Century Southeast Indian Beadwork

Dr. Brad Lieb, Chickasaw Nation Tribal Archaeologist, "Eighteenth Century Trade Beads among  the Chickasaw Indians." 

Time TBA. Panel will be at the Holisso Research Center. Admission is free. For more information, contact Dr. Timothy Baugh at timothy.baugh@chickasaw.net. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sept. 17-20 - Fall Dig at Ft. Washita

The Oklahoma Anthropological Society Fall Archaeological Dig is almost here!  All participants must be an OAS member and a Dig Fee of $5/day applies (up to $20).  These funds are used to cover costs for dig associated activities.

Here are some notes from the coordinator:

The Fall Dig is fast approaching!  I know I’m looking forward to getting back out in the field, and I hope many of you are as well!  I wanted to warn everyone about the closure of State Highway 199 between Madill and Fort Washita.  The floods of May washed out part of the bridge over the Washita, which means the most direct route to the site from I-35 is currently closed.  So, you will have to take an alternate route to get out to the site from I-35.  I have made a Google Map showing this route and I have written step-by-step directions below.  I hope this helps everyone to find the dig more easily!

Here is a link to the Google Map:

And here are the written directions:

To get to Fort Washita:

1.  Take I-35 SB to Exit 29, US Hwy 70 Eastbound

2.  Take 70 through various towns, including Madill.  There will be signs for Fort Washita in Madill, but DO NOT FOLLOW THEM!!!  You’ll wind up having to turn around and backtrack to Madill due to the bridge being out!!

3.  Continue on U.S. 70 E until you cross Lake Texoma on the long Roosevelt Bridge. On the east side of the lake is the community of Mead.  Just under 1.5 miles past Mead, Silo Road will be on your left.  You will see a water tower in front of you.  If you pass it, you’ve gone too far.  There is an E-Z Mart gas station on the right side of the Hwy, Silo Road on the left.  Turn left onto Silo Road.

4.  Continue north on Silo Road.  About 3 miles from the turn, the road does a 90 bend to the left then runs west for a bit and does another 90 degree bend to the right to head back north.  Stay with the road through those bends.  

5.  After about 5 miles on Silo Road, you go through the community of Silo, then in a mile or so the road intersects SH-78.  There is an abandoned store on the right corner of the intersection and you’ll see a sign for Brown Farms right in front of you.  Turn left onto Hwy 78.

6.  After about a mile, SH-199 is on your left.  There is a sign for Fort Washita.  There may be a road closed barrier at the intersection, but just drive around it, as you will turn off before the road is closed.

7.  Continue on SH 199 for several miles.  You’ll drop down into some bottomlands and then after you come up, Fort Washita will be on your right at the top of a big rise.  You can’t miss it.  There are some reconstructed stockades and a big gate and sign.  Once in the park, follow the signs that say OAS to sign in.